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We recognize that an increasing number of organizations need temporary employees to address quickly changing business needs. Selecting the best contingent workforce on a consistent basis – and balancing staffing suppliers – is a time consuming process for human resource professionals and hiring managers alike. As a result, organizations that rely on temporary talent have begun to adopt Vendor Management Systems  At I-Giants. we understand the need for Vendor Management Systems because, like the staffing services we provide, they exist to help employers select the right candidates for their ever-changing needs.

Our customized VMS services are an extension of our commitment to offering truly individualized service for each client. To ensure we can supply our clients with the most qualified talent, we have staffed our VMS division with a team of experienced recruiting professionals who are specifically trained on each of our client’s VMS policies and procedures. This allows the team to focus solely on the particular needs, requirements, and expectations of each VMS client. By tailoring the selection process to each specific client, we have the ability to provide our clients with more efficient services and a larger selection of highly qualified candidates at reduced costs.


A Vendor Management System can help organizations efficiently and strategically manage their contingent workforce through order distribution, consolidated billing, spend management, and advanced reporting capabilities. In a sensitive economy where the demand for employees is constantly evolving and there’s an increased need for contract labor, the process of supplier management and negotiation can often take hiring managers away from their core job responsibilities. For companies that feel their overall staffing strategy is suffering as a result, implementing a Vendor Management System can help you mitigate risk, improve process efficiencies, increase visibility and data transparency, and ensure the highest quality possible.

Vendor Management Systems are designed to improve the procurement process by consolidating all staffing data into one simple system of record. Once hiring managers have the ability to manage requisitions, costs, and billing and compliance needs from one source, they will have the flexibility to devote more time to other important responsibilities.

Additionally, this solution will deliver clear, measurable reports that enable organizations to analyze their performance and employment decisions. These impactful tracking methods will allow employers to leverage their contingent workforce as a vital component of their human capital management strategy.

Choosing the appropriate Vendor Management System is an important and difficult task. At I-Giants Consulting., our team of informed and experienced experts will help assist you in selecting the technology that best allows you to strategically manage your future staffing endeavors, while optimizing cost, quality, and efficiency.