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Human Resources

Temporary Consulting


We understand that companies and job seekers alike can benefit from the flexibility afforded by temporary job assignments.

For employers, temporary positions can provide seasonal or project-related support, reinforcement during employee absences, and valuable resources when hiring freezes or head count restrictions exist. Temporary-to-full-time assignments serve as an opportunity to assess the fit of candidates in your firm before offering them a full-time position.

For job seekers, temporary assignments can provide flexibility to those who need to work around family or job commitments. Temporary/Consulting assignments also offer candidates an opportunity to gain experience or exposure, maintain an income while searching for full-time work, and sharpen existing skills.

Our Temporary Staffing Division offers employment opportunities in many industries across our practice areas, including Accounting/Finance, Accounting Support, Creative, Financial Services, Healthcare, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal Staffing, and Office Support.


To ensure that we meet the employment needs of our job seekers and our clients, we offer placement in a variety of temporary positions

  • Short-term, finite-length assignments
  • Typically run from one day to several months
  • Ideal for professionals who want to keep a paycheck coming while pursuing other commitments
  • Open-ended/long-term assignments
  • Typically lasts several months or longer
  • Has potential to lead to full-time employment with the company
  • Temporary-to-full-time assignments
  • After a designated period of time, qualified candidates who are a good fit with the firm may be taken on as full-time employees
  • Freelance/Contract/Project assignments
  • Work as an independent contractor for either a specified period of time or for the duration of a given project
  • Typically, these opportunities are available in our IT and Creative divisions for qualified professionals


We work hard to find job seekers the kind of flexible, temporary work they want according to the schedule that suits them best.

Our thorough assessment of our candidate’s skills and our client’s needs ensures that we match the right professional with the right opportunity. Employers benefit from our large database of qualified talent, as well as the extensive screening and assessment we conduct on every applicant. We verify each candidate’s references and assess his/her strengths and skills to ensure that the individual is fully qualified and ready for the job at hand.

Qualified professionals who work for us are rewarded with numerous opportunities for placement as our large Temporary Staffing Division provides access to an extensive selection of available jobs of all types. In addition, temporary professionals who work successfully with us for a period of time may be eligible for other advantages, including:

  • Healthcare benefits
  • Dental benefits
  • Flexible employee benefit plan