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Outsourced Business Process

While IT Outsourcing has been maturing over the years, other emerging services are developing and opening up many avenues on similar grounds of cost arbitrage, availability of skilled manpower and quality services. The emergent areas under Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) are not only limited to outsourced call center services but extend to claims processes which are truly intelligent in nature driven by knowledgeable resources employed in the IT industry.

Different business processes which can be outsourced to an offshore outsourced service provider are

  • Image processes such as image editing, image scanning, image analysis, etc.
  • Web publishing such as HTML coding
  • Legal processes such as legal drafting, legal research, litigation support etc.
  • Knowledge processes such as web research/analytics, sales support, technical support, research & analytics, etc.
  • Human Resource (HR) processes that cover recruitment, payroll management, employee benefits administration, etc.
  • Financial processes that include tax filing, bookkeeping etc
  • General administrative processes like medical billing, documentation support, data conversion, etc.

The management of I-Giants has experience in wider business practices, the global outsourcing economy, networking with leading businesses, and access to a pool of industry practice heads and strong financial support. This strengthens I-Giants ’s ability to offer services that suit a client’s specific business needs in a relatively short time.


  • Reduced costs by up to 50%
  • Quality services delivered in a quick turnaround time
  • Experienced management teams combined with professional delivery teams ensure accountability at every stage
  • Structured quality processes that suit your specific demands
  • Guaranteed security and confidentiality of critical data
  • Process transparency, rendering you greater control
  • Proactive monitoring and management

Our current operation offers a complete range of IT services that can be scaled to suit any outsourced business service practice. The new business opportunities will be evaluated and negotiated either as an independent service center or on a joint-venture basis on mutually agreed terms.