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About Us

Our Mission & Our Values

Our Philosophy

The tenets that guide a professional organization serve as both compass and map. I-Giants values have been shaped by experience and the shared personal convictions of its leaders. The articulation of these values serves as guidance for the members of our firm and as a pledge to our clients.

  • Inception: At the core of our value creation for clients is our unequivocal focus on IT consulting and Strategic Management. Since Inception, I-Giants has been dedicated to these markets more intensively and expertly.
  • Dedication: Each client’s success is our success. We are dedicated to helping our clients maximize the value of their opportunities through superior analysis and insight. The extraordinary efforts of our professionals in support of our clients are testimony to this core value.
  • Innovation: The challenges our clients face are dynamic as are our efforts to develop insightful approaches to help them. We push ourselves to continually innovate in our knowledge base and analytic approaches to provide our clients with cutting – edge tools to forge creative strategies for competitive advantage.
  • Versatility: Our abilities as a firm are broad and deep. We approach a wide variety of issues for our clients with a diverse and flexible set of methodological alternatives. We use the right tools for each problem.
  • Integrity: We demand the highest levels of personal and professional integrity from the members of our firm. Our interactions with clients at all levels are guided by these standards. Rigorously honest analysis of a strategic issue is at times painful, but the expectation of that honesty is the bedrock of our practice.
  • Respect: Respect for our clients and our colleagues is integral to our Collaboration constitutes a fundamental component in our approach to problem-solving and client engagement, and it is an integral aspectof professionalism within our organization.


Customer focus

Success for us is how we make our clients satisfied.


Comfort is too easy! We always strive to push the bar a little further beyond just comfortable.


If we don’t create the waves together with our clients, we will be washed in them.


Building a world class company that offers world class services to its clients requires world class people.


Our credibility lies in the consistency
with which we live our values.

Management Team

It’s important to emphasize that the folks working with you at I-Giants are very experienced consultants. That means we offer expert advice backed by years of experience and knowledge. It also means we take our partnership with you very seriously if your business is our business.

We don’t just get the job done, we make sure you’re kept informed every step of the way and satisfied with our performance at all times. Our RPO and VMS consultants are available to work with you, depending on the scope of your needs


I-Giants is a consulting firm with a vision and focus to provide IT services for the Enterprise needs of clients. Our diversified services in the area of Information Technology include IT solutions, Development, Consultancy, Support and maintenance, Staffing, and Training.

I-Giants took its shape finally when a group of technocrats, experts in different areas of Information Technology decided to start up with a firm, that offers the best services ever in this industry to their clients.

We at I-Giants not only help our clients incorporate the world’s latest techniques in Information Technology but also offer the most effective Staffing solutions for those who are in IT services.

Our Vision to offer our clients innovative and cost-effective services to help them achieve their business goals in stipulated time by utilizing the modern techniques in Information Technology keeps us motivated all the time.

Who We Are


I-Giants is more than just a technical consulting firm and we believe in end-to-end solutions for all of our clients. Our executive management team possesses a strong background in all aspects of both business and information technology resulting in an unprecedented ability to develop business by increasing visibility, productivity, and growth. Whether architecting a powerful website and e-commerce store, installing an enterprise-size network, integrating existing technologies with the web or designing a corporate web presence, I-Giants Consultants can help.